Learning outside the classroom: the junior class visits Walden Pond

walden pond

by Tom Andrew and Abby Phyfe

The junior class made its annual spring trek to visit and write at Walden Pond in Concord, where Henry David Thoreau lived for two years. During his stay, Thoreau wrote “Walden; or Life in the Woods” an important text to the American Transcendentalist movement. The juniors were able to get a sense of the history and literary significance of the environment around Concord and Lexington. Above, students wrote or sketched in their journals while they sat on the site of Thoreau’s original house. They also visited The Old Manse, where Ralph Waldo Emerson, the father of Transcendentalism, lived and from whom Nathaniel Hawthorne, another important American writer, rented the house for several years and wrote some of his most famous short stories.