Role model

At MB’s all-school Meeting for Worship in December, students guided us with the query: What are the gifts within us that we can share with others? What are the non-material gifts we give to each other every day? Several students shared reflections, including this one:

by Chase G. ’18

If only I was old enough to meet you. To remember you. To understand what you were saying. The things that I have heard about you and have seen about you make me want to know you even more. The things that we have in common. Baseball and basketball. Shortstop and guard. You fought Leukemia, I fight Crohn’s and Alopecia. Both of us diagnosed at young ages. I can’t imagine spending months in the hospital hoping to get out. Hoping to get back to playing baseball and doing what you loved most. Striving to live a life of courage, integrity, and faith. You taught me to never give up. To keep fighting until the very end because you never know what is going to happen. Before every game I think about how lucky I am that I am able to play the game that I love and to enjoy it while I can because you never know when something is going to happen. Maybe I get my talents from you. My baseball skills, my jumping ability, and most of all, my strength. I have been told news from doctors that would ruin some peoples’ lives. I am sure that you have too. And that’s when the courage and faith you gave me kicks in. To have faith in yourself that you will overcome what you have been told. Unfortunately, I was never able to actually meet you. As strong as you were, Leukemia found a way to fight back. You taught lots of people how to cope and grieve when losing a son, brother, uncle, and role model. Most of all, you gave me the gifts of courage, integrity, and faith. Hopefully I will meet you in heaven one day, but not anytime soon.


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