Unique ingredients make dynamic campus art

by Kristin Street

Last year I was lucky enough to receive Parents’ Association support for a number of projects designed by students to add a bit of art and color to our campus. The Zip Tie project and Wooden Towers projects have just about reached completion.

The Wooden Towers used recycled scraps from Randy’s middle school shop bowl projects and repurposed the pieces to create these towers. They were painted and assembled by members of last spring and this fall’s Studio Art classes. The maintenance department generously installed them, creating a berm to make grass cutting and upkeep within reason. The five towers grace the far end of the Community Garden, right near the Hope Street entry

Our second project used zip ties…lots and lots of zip ties. The Studio Art class broke into teams and designed several installations, each with a different approach and feel. There are four separate installations or projects.

1st) Blue, white and black “ruff’s” surround the bottom supports of the stone benches between Friends Hall and the rear entrance to Alumni Hall.

2nd) Orange, blue, black and white Zips adorn the railing and three newel posts in the stairway (4th floor landing) of the stair tower by Alumni Hall.

3rd) A hanging sculpture hangs in the front entrance stairwell in the Main Building. It starts and the top of the stairs on the 4th floor and hangs within the stairway.

4th) A series of seven Zip Tie birdhouses were created and will be hung around campus (once the weather improves).

Students had a great time working through the design logistics, figuring out where their pieces would end up and creating the work with such novel materials. Many thanks for all your support for these projects.


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