Ice Side: Michael Farber ’69

Moses Brown is pleased to share thoughts from Michael Farber, Class of 1969, who will be in Sochi, covering the men’s hockey tournament, primarily. Since Michael joined Sports Illustrated in 1994, hockey has been his principal Olympic assignment:

“These are my tenth Winter Olympic Games, and 18th overall, and almost certainly my last. I am leaving Sports Illustrated‘s staff after Sochi although I will stay on with the magazine as a special contributor.

     “What makes my last working Games special is they coincide with being the first for my daughter, at least as a journalist. (She came to Vancouver 2010 as a tourist for a few days.) Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber, 25 this month, is a reporter with The Moscow Times, the English daily newspaper in Russia, although she is working for NBC in Sochi as a ‘platform supervisor,’ working in research and helping with translation. French is her mother’s tongue, and she is fluent in Russian. Gabrielle has been living in Moscow since October.
     “Starting with ‘The Miracle on Ice’ in Lake Placid 1980, I have had the best seat in the house for some of the sporting moments that have gripped the globe. Some of my highlights revolve around hockey – Sidney Crosby’s Golden Goal for Canada in Vancouver and Peter Forsberg’s spectacular shootout winner for Sweden in Lillehammer 1994 – but most do not. I have been privileged to watch Ben Johnson run faster than any human before – 9.79 for 100 meters at the Seoul Olympics. (The positive dope test is a side issue. I had witnessed mankind surpassing itself.) I have seen Muhammad Ali light the Olympic cauldron in Atlanta. I also was lucky enough to see many of Michael Phelps’ races, including a relay in Beijing, in which the USA anchor, freestyler Jason Lezak, had a near miraculous leg to defeat the French and keep Phelps’ chance for eight gold medals alive.
     “As you might have guessed, I have had the most privileged professional life of anyone I know. I have travelled the world, seen where-were-you-when moments? and had many laughs in the course of four-plus decades of sportswriting.”
     Thanks to Michael Farber for sharing these thoughts from Sochi. Michael was a boarding student at Moses Brown who scored one point for the MB varsity basketball team, 1968-69, and was sports editor for The Quaker. He is a member of the Moses Brown Athletic Hall of Fame and has been recognized for his sports writing by the Hockey Hall of Fame. In 2007, he was named Canada’s Sportswriter of the Year. Post-Sochi, Michael will continue writing and doing feature/documentary work and also appear as a weekly regular on TSN (“sort of the ESPN of Canada”). Since August, Michael has been a consultant with NBC Sports on its mid-week hockey rivalry and top 10 shows. Follow Michael on twitter @michaelfarber3. 
     Read Michael’s thoughts on Storytelling from Cupola, the MB alumni magazine:

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