Kindergarten Grows Crystals

By: Melinda Van Lare, Kindergarten

In Kindergarten’s science class, we recently had a very exciting week! We mixed chemicals together and grew our own crystals using a kit from the Smithsonian Museum. Each group started to grow one blue crystal on a rock and another on either a red or purple plaster geode shell. We watched their progress with our trusty flashlights and magnifying glasses. We let them grow over the weekend and discovered, on Monday, that we had grown three absolutely beautiful crystal formations! We admired the unique shapes that different minerals take in their crystal forms. We had a great time learning even more about rocks, minerals and crystals. We even impressed the museum guide Gene with our knowledge of the different types of rocks while we were at the Museum of Natural History at Roger Williams Park. We got to explore the museum too and saw lots of “stuffed” real animals, a real beehive full of live bees, and one of the tires from the Mars rover. Thank you again to all our parent volunteers for helping with our field trip.


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