GREEN tinted dining, campus planning

Where does your food come from, and what is done with leftover waste after you are done FoodFocuseating? Was your house or the building you are in built sustainably? We hope so! These are important questions when considering how to live more sustainably, at school or at home.

MB’s Sustainability Committee has been mulling over these ideas as well. To that end, the group is partnering with SAGE Dining to look at issues of food sustainability. Rob DeReamer, our food service manager, has played an instrumental role. First, SAGE makes every effort to source its food locally with cafeteria signage indicating which food items come from which farms. [See for yourself in this video]

But that’s not all: the cooking oil used in MB’s kitchen is now being collected for reuse by Newport Biodiesel, New England’s first sustainable producer of biodiesel fuel. Finally, we are proud to announce that Moses Brown is the first school in Rhode Island to partner with the Compost Plant, a local start-up with plans to collect and compost food waste from APenvirokidsProvidence-based restaurants and schools.

Sustainability has also been a focus during recent campus planning efforts, with an emphasis on green design and energy saving potentials. One of the highlights in this process was a presentation to members of our Sustainability & Building & Grounds committees by students in MB’s AP Environmental Science class. They made an impassioned and convincing case for green design. [See a glimpse of their presentation]


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