Bonjour Quebec!

By Jerrett Wilson, world languages

In February, sixteen upper school students visited our Francophone neighbor to the north — Quebec. My fellow world languages teacher Maureen Berger and I accompanied them. 185

Students honed their curling skills, visited the largest winter sports facility in North America, looked down from a 275 ft. waterfall, and even got a chance to show their line dancing skills. 117Of course, we still had plenty of time to learn all about the history of Quebec City.

We stayed at the Hotel Clarendon, within the old city. The weather was not bad for this time of year: highs in the mid-30s, and lows in the low-20s. We enjoyed the local cuisine at Restaurant d’Orsay, La cabane à Pierre and Le cochon dinge, where we ate a traditional quebecois breakfast: fruit, croissants, eggs and hot chocolate.  065La cabane à Pierre is a family-owned restaurant in the countryside. It was an authentic “country” experience: while we ate, two musicians played the fiddle and sang for us. After we finished our meal, they played songs for line dancing, and the students even participated in a limbo contest!

This type of practical learning experience is a valuable part of our students’ language learning, and we are looking into making it an annual event within the MB TRIPs initiative.


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