Crowd-sourced haiku: glimpses of our community

Embracing Moses Brown’s wide-ranging campus poetry initiative, students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents were invited to capture a moment in haiku. In reply, verses poured in from the classroom, in email and on social media. Enjoy!

haiku batch4MIDDLE HOUSE
busy stairway sounds
chatting kids, bounding feet run
need to get to class!

– Anonymous


the cat drifts off to
a lullaby of crickets
outside the window

– Robert McVay


haiku batchdown the shaded road
branches where the seasons wheel
children dash to school

– Erik Wilker, director, administrative & strategic affairs


much to do always
I wake with optimism
each day a new chance

– Tammie Worthington-Witczak, assistant director of development


haiku audrey5ODE TO SAGE
my lunch is better
can’t wait for noon to arrive
summer will be hard

– Anonymous


school is really fun
it makes weekends seem like dung
we learn some cool things


haiku batch2



flowering chestnut
shades my home from hot weather
gives a touch of grace.

– George S. Chappell, ’55


I came in fourth grade.
I am ending in eighth grade.
It’s too bad I’m leaving.
– Paloma ’18


haiku doc6


alumni print piece
spring theme is performing arts
debuting in June!

– Kristen Curry, communications


haiku batch3HOPE & LLOYD
loud intersection
this place has seen much before
what will happen next?

– Anonymous




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