Create, explore, improve: inspiring senior projects

“Building on their Moses Brown experience, seniors design a project that exemplifies their passions and demonstrates academic curiosity, physical ability and creative problem solving, or one which addresses an issue in our school or  community and improves the situation.”   – Laurie Center, academic dean

Christopher '14  works on his electric Audi TT.

Christopher ’14 works on his electric Audi TT.

The senior project is a capstone experience beyond the classroom with a focus on independent inquiry and personal growth. May 15 through June 2, working at least 25 hours a week with on- and off-campus advisors, seniors challenge themselves with creative pursuit, career exploration, or community service. A written reflection and fifteen-minute panel presentation are the culminating opportunity to share.

The class of 2014 is engaged in a wide variety of projects. Creative endeavors include original works of art, music, film and fiction, as well as projects that combine art forms. Design thinking is at work in projects that imagine, build or restore. Service projects dedicate personal passions to the community’s need. Internships and job-shadows provide insight to future paths. Finally, several projects demonstrate the affection members of the class feel for each other, and for Moses Brown.

Here’s a highly arbitrary selection of fascinating senior projects:

  • develop, write and create a graphic novel
  • rebuild and refurbish a 1970’s motorcycle
  • research three decades of the relationship between stock market indices, commodity prices and weather patterns around the world using statistical data analysis techniques
  • intern with a chef, professional baker and caterer to create menus and meals
  • write, act in, direct and produce a short film featuring Quakerman, a pacifist superhero
  • compose, play and record original music
  • intern with a glass blower to learn how to craft blown glass art
  • complete a Wilderness First Responder course and shadow doctors at the National Institute of Health Clinical Center in Washington, D.C.
  • write, film, edit and produce an online mini-series set in Providence
  • preserve the history of the Narragansett Boating Club, archiving photographs and artifacts, gathering oral history and chronicling the results
  • design, build and launch a functional wooden rowboat
  • experiment and create prototypes demonstrating how hydrogen could be a sustainable energy source
  • take EMT training and volunteer at Rhode Island Hospital
  • intern with a Rhode Island gubernatorial campaign
  • interview and film classmates and their senior projects-in-process, culminating in an all-inclusive movie
  • research and plan an orientation for Moses Brown’s rising ninth graders that includes a cyber safety expert, a drug and alcohol safety expert, and the Student Leadership Training Program






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