Walking in our Kenyan Buddies’ shoes

by Elizabeth Grumbach, fourth grade

This week the fourth grade’s Kenya Buddy Partnership culminated in a “Walk In Your Buddy’s Shoes Day.”

IMG_2246Although it is impossible to get a true sense of what a day is life for their Kenyan buddies, the fourth graders walked more than a mile to school, walked another mile ‘home’ for lunch and then another mile ‘back to school’. They carried water across campus that was their sole water source for the day, including washing their dishes after lunch.

They had rigorous academic lessons using minimal resources, and played in the Grove at recess without any equipment.


Their end of day reflections included:

  • My Kenyan buddy must be stronger physically and mentally than me to make it through her day.
  • We didn’t get snack and some people took all the seconds on rice so I was really hungry most of the day.
  • To live in Kenya you need stamina and I do not have that.
  • I think resilience means that you keep going, even if you fall, and you keep your head held high.
  • When we could not play on the jungle gym we used our imaginations to figure out what to play and it was actually really fun!

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