Six Moses Brown students join the Global Enterprise Challenge

Assignment:  Design an innovative exhibit to inform communities, government, and the media about the benefit of family farming.

Ready? Go!

The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) is an annual international competition for high school students. The challenge is announced on the competition day. Teams have just 12 hours to create and submit an idea, a prototype, a business plan, a video presentation and an optional Power Point/web presentation. A panel of international judges chooses the winning combination of teamwork skills, innovative approach and outstanding standard of product, prototype, plan and presentation. Five Moses Brown students took part in the GEC on June 14: Ghazi A. ’17, Riley G. ’16, Michael R. ’16, Joshua S. ’16 and Devin W. ’16.


The exhibit could be a trade display and/or a website and could include working models, smart phone apps, social media, print and other material. The three-minute video should clearly showcase and explain your idea, including how much funding you require to develop the exhibit and to cover the cost of maintaining and operating the exhibit for 12 months. Finally, submit a two-page business plan explaining how the exhibit will operate, how many people it will employ and in what capacity. Include a detailed financial plan and marketing strategy and explain how you will raise the funds necessary to cover costs.

photo 5

The MB group’s idea: a website called Farmspring, matching new farmers with owners of available uncultivated land, using location, size of the land, use of the land, term of the lease, and available future purchase options. Let them tell you about it — watch their video!


About the GEC

Governments around the world recognize the necessity of developing an enterprising culture in their young people. The GEC provides young people with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to assist them in the transition from school to work, including the ability to create and manage personal, community, business and work opportunities. Students can develop innovative, creative, and feasible solutions to global problems, while developing career-focused skills in areas including team work, communication, leadership, enterprise and creativity, innovation and time management, in an engaging and relevant global competition. Participants often discover a new way of learning; gain an insight into business operations, including marketing, operations and the management of a broad range of business resources, including human resources; and hone problem-solving skills using science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and financial capability.


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