“Oh no, not another box of yearbooks…” Tales from MB’s archive project

ArchivesCrew2(MB archive crew, above and below.)

ArchivesCrew1This summer, MB librarians Ruffin Powell and Anne Krive enlisted a hard-working crew of students and alumni to open up and explore the contents of the “vault” in the basement of the Walter Jones Library. They spent weeks sorting and examining all that’s there, and assessing what can be displayed and shared in the future. They discovered some amazing things — along with a lot of dirt and dust and debris. It was quite a process! With work completed, they shared some of the funny thoughts (including hashtags!) they had while sorting through it all:

Peter Z. ’18

“Moses Brown had the first indoor astro turf ever!” #MBarchives

“Yay boxes of moldy books!” #MBarchives

“Don’t you love it when important items are bound by tightly bound ribbon?” #thestruggleisreal #MBarchives

ArchivesCrew3Sara Gilkenson ’14

“Oh no, not another box of yearbooks..”

“Woah! The will of George Washington’s mother! What’s this doing in here?”

“Oh no! Whose grand idea was it to package these books so poorly? Good thing the archive crew is here to clean up this mess!”

“I feel like a book doctor. I have my mask, my gloves and plenty of books that need an operation” #preservation

“I don’t even have to hit the gym anymore! Man, is archiving a muscle workout! I’m more ripped than the old books now” #strong

ItemsRhys G. ’17

“If you are interested in seeing young pictures of your old teachers, there are countless boxes down in the archives.” #MBArchives

“Wanna see a copy of the 1997 Commencement? Wanna know who graduated back in 1847? The archives of MB have all of the information you need!”

“How many archivists does it take to screw in a light bulb? I don’t know, but it takes 5 to take out the trash filled with broken glass” #why #MBArchives

Eliza Radeka ’14

“Newspaper clipping found in a 1946 yearbook: ‘Nazis Quit, War in Europe Ends.’” #historylesson #mbarchives

“Moses Brown School suffered a cholera outbreak in 1832. The school had to be closed temporarily!”

“Dust and mold weren’t the only things we found in the archives… We came across everything from old books to class rings. “

“The most important lesson I learned in archives… This is what will happen if you don’t take care of your books!” (below, yikes)




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