MB’s fifth grade plays the Rooster Games

Recently MB’s fifth grade participated in a statewide celebration of reading called The GrigsbyRoosterGamessmRooster Games. They invited fifth graders from Jamestown Elementary to join them here at Moses Brown, and completed a variety of activities and competitions based on a common group of books they had read.

Grigsby Y., MB fifth grader, offers her perspective on the day:

I will never forget my experience in the Rooster Games. I guess I thought it would be like some quiz show with beepers, but it turned out to be something quite different. I didn’t anticipate the friendships I ended up making with the Jamestown kids. I think I was kind of nervous to meet the kids and about the overall concept of a knowledge competition. When the Jamestown kids arrived we all gathered in the Sinclair Room to hear an announcement by Ms. Casey, the Jamestown Elementary Librarian, and Laura Gladding, Moses Brown Lower School Librarian, about how the games would be set up. The Rooster Games consists of 20 books, of which each child was expected to read ten. There were six rounds: objects, first lines to books, authors to books, posters, bonus round, and snack. Teams were to work together, using each other’s knowledge to complete the rounds. I think this built courage, self-confidence, stewardship, and helped to form friendships.


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