Upper school students put their science knowledge to the test during Olympiad

On April 18, 15 upper school students represented MB for the fifth year at the Rhode AnanyaSophiaSO_2015Island Science Olympiad, and earned medals in several categories. The Olympiad is an all-day competition at Rhode Island College, during which students compete to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of aspects of science.

Freshman Sophia Y. was our representative in the science bowl, a quiz-show event, and earned a bronze medal.

Daniel G. and Patrick P. won the bridge building competition with a 12.5 gram balsa wood bridge that finally broke after it had been loaded with over 29 lbs of weight. That’s more than 1000 times the mass of the bridge. Amazing!  Special thanks to Patrick’s dad, who gave the kids a lot of guidance in this project.

Seniors Selena S. and Kai Z. took the silver in the cell biology competition, and Ananya H., DanielAndPatrick_2_SO2015Zoe Turner-Debs and Selena Spier won the silver in a very interesting event in which one team member (Selena) had to describe in writing a complicated “sculpture” made of simple parts (no diagrams are permitted), then the other two members had to build from those directions in another room from the same parts.

Finally, Sydney J. and Liam M. earned the silver medal in the Astronomy event. You may know both of these students as kids who go out and learn a lot of science on their own purely out of curiosity. It paid off.

I hope you’ll join me in congratulating these students, who did a lot of work between classes and other co-curricular obligations, including evenings and a weekend. In particular, I hope you’ll acknowledge the hard work of Ananya H., who led the team with terrific organization and determination, and in such a way that we all had a lot of fun.

-Jeff Cruzan, group advisor, upper school math teacher


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