Visual arts from across MB on display at all school exhibit

By Cathy Van Lancker, visual arts instructorCathyVanLancker

The All School Art Exhibit is a once-a-year event where the Visual Arts Department can highlight the work of students in each division. (Don’t miss the opening Friday, May 1 in the Sinclair Room at 3 p.m.!)

Moses Brown offers many opportunities for students to become involved in the visual arts through courses in an age-appropriate, sequentially structured curriculum. A wide-range of skills serving the beginner through the accomplished artist are introduced, and built upon from year to year establishing a sound foundation. Students are encouraged to pursue individual interests and expand upon their skill and talent as they move through the program exploring their creative potential. The faculty collaborates regularly with other departments on interdisciplinary projects, believing that the visual arts can enhance academic learning in all areas by helping to stimulate problem-solving skills, teach students to see more critically, celebrate diversity and increase openness by going beyond the easy solutions. Students learn to take risks and, in the process of experimentation and discovery, learn new ways to think about and see the world around them.

The Lower School Visual Art program (Nursery through Grade 5) strives to create a space IMG_4045where all children are encouraged to take risks, have fun, and express their unique visions of the world. Our goal is to have children experience a wide range of art-making methods and materials each year, including: drawing, painting, found-object and ceramic sculpture, printmaking, collage, art history studies, puppetry, scenic design, and collaborative work. As much as possible, the art curriculum integrates with the curricula from each grade level.

The Lower School Woodshop Program introduces students to a diverse set of building experiences and construction activities. The project-based curriculum is designed to develop familiarity, effectiveness and self-confidence with basic hand tool skills. Offering an active context for creative expression, organization, math application and follow-through are important aspects of woodshop classes.

The Middle School Visual Art program encourages students to explore a variety of IMG_4046essential skills and materials through fun projects in drawing, painting, printmaking, and design incorporating historical, ethnic and cultural themes. Students will apply prior learning, knowledge and skills to develop a level of competency of craftsmanship in both 2D and 3D work. They will use the elements of art and principles of design to create meaningful compositions meeting specific criteria while effectively communicating their original ideas and feelings in a personal way. Small classes meet twice a week in semester-long courses. Students are free to come to the art studio during free periods of the day to work on individual projects. (Grade 6 and Grade 8)

The Middle School Woodshop Program courses are structured around the selection, planning and construction of individual project commitments. Project design is an important aspect of the overall educational experience, presenting a student with the challenges and opportunities of integrating both aesthetic considerations and functional requirements. The goal of the program is to familiarize the student with the process of transforming an idea into a tangible object. There is a strong emphasis on developing both visual awareness and manual control while nurturing a self-confident approach to tasks, a basic competence with fundamental tool operations and a respectful use of materials. Small classes meet twice a week in semester-long courses. (Grade 6 and Grade 7)

The Upper School Visual Arts faculty believes that artistic expression can take many forms and offer classes in a variety of media, from foundation level to more advanced courses. Students are encouraged to build technical skills and creative awareness as well as develop a vocabulary to discuss and critique work. Students engage in semester long coursework that broadens creative thinking while recognizing different learning styles. Process-oriented instruction, evaluation through participation, critique and exhibition are all part of the learning environment.

Visual Art Teachers:
Anni Barnard
Kristin Street
Cathy Van Lancker

Woodshop Teacher:
Randy Street


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