Students learn about peaceful alternatives during DC trip

AFSC-cropBy Laura Gladding, Moses Brown Librarian

On June 15-18th thirty recently graduated fifth grade students traveled from Moses Brown campus to Washington DC. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit with the American Friends Service Committee. AFSC’s Jean-Louis Peta Ikambana and his colleagues graciously welcomed the students and their chaperones into a beautiful, classic, and simple workspace. Jean-Louis explained the origins of AFSC, their current mission of peace building, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights created by the United Nations.

Jean-Louis’ colleague, Jessica, shared a lesson on alternatives to violence, which has been used with students, professionals, and even inmates in prisons. Some great take-aways included the importance of recognizing and defusing a conflict before it turns violent and being able to see issues from different perspectives. Students participated in well-informed discussions about human rights and nonviolence, demonstrating the knowledge they gained during the school year on those subjects.

Chaperone and teacher Carolyn Garth said of the trip, “I loved spending time in such a comfortable and welcoming environment and learning from both Jean-Louis and Jessica. Thank you AFSC!”


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