A fine glimpse of MB football mid-season

Football1By John Romano, MB parent

(John produces these team updates each week and shares them, along with the fantastic photos he takes, with MB football families. Now that we are well into the football season, we thought we’d publish an example of his fine work for the entire community to see.)

MB Football: MB 39, North Kingstown 13

Every once in a while there is a game which seems to have more electricity than we might expect during the regular season. Such was the case Friday night in North Kingstown. To all the players and coaches, this felt like the playoffs. Both teams came with attitude and something to prove so early in the season.

North Kingstown felt they needed to show why they went undefeated in the regular season last year yet lost in the first round of the playoffs. MB needed to vindicate our only loss (to North Kingstown!) and demonstrate why we are the champs. Friday night lights and a big fan base for both teams made this game that much more exciting.

Both teams were aggressive throughout the night, and after a slow first drive, MB began firing on 12 cylinders with all aspects of our game contributing to victory. On offense, we had some great passes with amazing catches.

One of several strikes down field.

One of several strikes down field.

We had a solid running game…

Abe bringing it all night.

Abe bringing it all night.

…which became airborne with Tyler’s three touchdown runs.


#3 about to score for the second of three rushing touchdowns earning him Game Ball this week.

On special teams we had some great kicks and terrific down field coverage leading to a couple of fresh possessions.

The North Kingstown offense had some talent as evidenced by a few great passes and a solid running game by one of their stars, but our defense clearly prevailed. Our D-Line controlled the line of scrimmage…

That's how you wrap up!

That’s how you wrap up!

….. and our secondary had a field day… more like a summer vacation. Both Kuba and Cris each had three interceptions, Billy had another for a total of seven for the day. SEVEN.

Kuba's second pick.

Kuba’s second pick.

Moses Brown is now 2-0 in our Division. This was an important victory at many levels and the best part is the realization that we still have so many ways we will improve!

Junior Varsity

Speaking of improving, the JV players are putting together some great teamwork and really looked terrific  especially in the second half of the game on Monday. Each one of these players has come so very far since early July! Congratulations to the coaches and players on their achievement.

#34 got really stoked for this JV game.

#34 got really stoked for this JV game.

Mount Pleasant Kilties

This coming Saturday, “electric” may not be the word to describe the game atmosphere. Newer families may be unfamiliar with our team’s long and sometimes tense history with Mt. Pleasant.

Briefly, both MB and Mt. Pleasant were in Division III for many years. The Kilties were alternately competitive or less competitive. One year in particular they were struggling. Moses Brown on the other hand was stacked with incredible talent and, according to a sportswriter at the time, we were favored to win 50-0 on an incredibly cold day. To say we were stunned and humiliated when we lost that game at Conley is an understatement and something many of us will forever recall. Coach CJ remembers it well, he was a freshman on the team at that time!

Fast forward a few years, Mt. Pleasant becomes competitive with a few outstanding athletes, moves back up to D III from D IV, and beats us in a couple of really important and fiery, competitive games including the very emotional Super Bowl 2013. That one really hurt.

Last year, in our third game of the regular season after having just lost to North Kingstown the prior week with our young team, we went back to Conley Stadium for what felt like the rematch of that Super Bowl loss against Mt. Pleasant. We were fired up and came away with a supercharged emotional win. It was awesome!

That game (punctuated by Roberto’s incredible pop-up!) was the launching point for what became our incredible season of 2015.

The Kilties players and coaches know all this and they are eager to upset. We welcome them to our home (for a change) and be prepared, this will not feel warm and fuzzy.

See more of John’s photos here.


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