Understanding the business of food through summer camp

By Temitayo M. ’17

Chez innovation was a wonderful experience. As I arrived at the camp, I TT_webcropdidn’t know many people, but as time went on I bonded with each and every one of the people at this camp. I still keep in touch with some of the people that I met. The camp started with some ice breaking activities. We went down to the park and played games where we really get to know each other. Each day after that we would take a trip to a site where we would learn about the food industry. We visited a meat production plant, a farm, Federal Hill, and also the house of someone who sells clams.

I really enjoyed the trip to Federal Hill because I had recently been to Italy and thought that they did a very good job of making it feel like it was a piece of Italy. The colorful buildings and the general flow of that area reminded me of that country. I also enjoyed tasting the different olive oils with bread. While we had fun in these areas we also learned quite a bit. Using Federal Hill again as an example, we went into the butcher shop to witness and learn about how they raise, and cook the chickens they sell. We also received a tour from who took us into each shop to show us the details of how their store receives income and also about what they sell.

We also went to the meat production plant. Coming into this place I did TT_webcrop2not like the smell, and unlike others I didn’t get use to it, but I learned a lot about the meat. I learned that mold on the meat is a really good sign. It shows the rich age of the meat and also adds flavor. I also learned that it takes a long time for this meat to be cut and sold. Meat stays on the shelves in that factory for months.

Most of all I enjoyed the business element of this camp. After a few days went by, we began to take classes about how to start up our own company and the challenges that come with that. We learned that to run a company there needs to be key partners, resources, and activities, as well as a cost structure, customer relationships, customer segments, value propositions, and channels.

I am so thankful to have been a part of this experience it is one I will never forget. Every time I go over to that corner near India Point Park and Wickenden street, I think of the fun times I spent in that camp.


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