Positive Parenting

By Emma Lisa Lesica P ’18 ’19

Reflecting on a workshop held by Dr Julia Trebing on January 14, 2016


Dr. Trebing

Collaboratively co-sponsored by the Parents Association, Lower School Administration, and Office of Admissions – January 14, 2016

To a well-attended gathering of some 60 lower school parents and prospective parents, Dr. Julia Trebing spoke for 75 minutes on the subject of Positive Parenting. Weaving humor, thirty years of experience, and established research, she spoke to the challenges of raising our children with the awareness that development of their emotional intelligence is as important as that of their intellect. Praising the wide-ranging benefits of creative and imaginative play, she educated us on the harmful aspects of screen time at an early age and before sleep, the premature drive for academic and athletic achievement, and provided watch-outs for what our children consume and the critical awareness of the impact our actions as parents and role models have on our young ones. How we speak to them, resolve conflict, behave in our daily lives and develop expectations of them, especially at critical passages of development such as during the ‘cutting of the teeth’ and the nine year crisis – all have impact on their psyche. Her messages of patience, allowing our children to grow into happy well-adjusted individuals, and supporting their emotional intelligence through our positive parenting and parental decisions, was well-received and inspiring.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Trebing worked individually with each of the lower school grades on the concept of social inclusion by way of group activities appropriate to their age and level of development. She also held a workshop for LS faculty and staff in support of the same message and the role educators play in the development of emotional intelligence.

In all, her work hopefully left thought-provoking and inspiring messages about social inclusion and emotional intelligence for the students, faculty, and parents to support the already deeply caring environment of Moses Brown’s lower school community.

Find out more at Creative Therapies.


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