Real-world Learning

TRIPs – Travel, Research, and Immersion Programs – foster a rising generation of civic-minded, multilingual, and ethical global citizens. New courses and a broad array of travel opportunities help students explore cultures, life experiences, and worldviews different from their own, while a marine education program allows students to investigate the ecology and resources of Narragansett Bay.


Kieran Harrington ’16, President, upper school senate

“Going to Kenya was incredible. It was my first time out of the country. It definitely opened my eyes to being in a different culture and what can happen there, how people interact differently.


The people were so happy to see us. I remember our bus pulling over in front of a school – it seemed like a thousand kids came out to see our bus and say hello with the biggest smiles on their faces. We just kept repeating “rafiki” (friend).

We tried to do meaningful work while there – painting walls and windows and fixing the school’s cement floors.

Going on trips like this has made me think about what I want to study in college. I’m now looking at schools with international relations programs.

Even on MB’s smaller trips, you meet so many different people and do things that have impact, right here at home.

Kids in college go abroad. To experience that in high school is awesome. It gets you out of your comfort zone. Having lived in little Rhode Island my whole life, traveling to Kenya was amazing. You learn to be open to new people and situations and you learn the context for the larger situation wherever you are.

You can also be amazed. I’m big into music – when I saw those kids put on dances and performances, create incredible sounds and rhythms using water-carrying drums, it was inspiring.”


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