Opening Doors

Moses Brown has put increased scholarship funding at the center of its vision so that we can continue to attract the most talented and diverse students. We believe that enhancing access to MB will allow us to enroll the best minds and expose our students to the broadest range of perspectives, thereby strengthening the educational experience for our entire community.


Josabet Zepeda ’15, MB Alumni Award Recipient 2015

“Going to Moses Brown wasn’t my choice. My mother wanted me to get the education she felt I deserved. My daycare teacher Ms. Benita saw in me the desire to learn from books instead of playing with toys. They saw something in me and wanted to make my life easier by making it a little harder at first.

Growing up in two worlds wasn’t easy. But I will never forget the words of encouragement from so many of my teachers going back to third grade. They saw what my mother and Ms. Benita had seen, and helped me to eventually see it as well. I learned to appreciate my two worlds and become a proud member of the MB community.

Going on the music trip in eighth grade, helping people in the Dominican Republic junior year, attending proms, and getting an Alumni Award would not have been possible without the scholarship and financial aid that Moses Brown offered me.

Thanks to MB, I made unbelievable friends and learned so much. Now in college, I see that things are different. My teachers aren’t there physically to support me every day, but their words and advice will stay with me forever; the experiences I had at MB shaped me into the person I am today.

I can now see what my mother, Ms. Benita, and all of my teachers saw in me since the beginning: a Light.”


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