Giving Back

The Moses Brown Fund offers every community member the opportunity to contribute to the inner promise of each student. Gifts to this core priority of the campaign are invested in four essential and enduring aspects of MB: Teaching & Academics; Scholarships; Athletics, the Arts, & Friends Education; and our Historic Campus.

By building a yearly partnership among thousands of community members, The Moses Brown Fund creates a powerful engine for growth, innovation, and sustained excellence.


Michael Himelfarb, upper school English

“After teaching in Baltimore for ten years, I was nervous about finding a new school in Rhode Island when my wife and I moved here. But after just a few weeks of subbing at MB, I was lighting candles and begging administrators to let me stay!

When I first came to Moses Brown, I thought I was a good teacher. It turned out, I didn’t know what good teaching was.

I learned that if I let them, students would bring far more to the table than I expected. In my time at MB, I have learned to step back as a teacher, to ask questions and to listen, and to encourage my students to do the same. Every class, they reset the goal line and make discoveries I have never considered.

As a teacher and parent, I’ve received so much from MB. The Moses Brown Fund is a great way to give back.

I hope my donations help to bring in students who will embrace everything that MB has to offer, whose passion will keep me impassioned.

Moses Brown is a vibrant, enthusiastic community driven by student and faculty passion and compassion. I feel blessed to be here, working with students who agree that we must read in order to truly understand ourselves; that true joy lies in teamwork and laughter; and that change lies within their grasp. I look forward to learning from and laughing with my students every day. There’s no other school I’d rather call home”.


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