A New Space for Young Learners

The Young Learners Center is a 13,000-square-foot expansion to MB’s lower school designed to support the way children learn in the 21st century. By clustering together the more ‘hands-on’ disciplines – science, art, music, library, and a children’s Innovation Lab (i-Lab) – the new wing will promote experiential learning, integrative thinking, and group collaboration.

With a totally reimagined entryway, the Young Learners Center will provide much-needed social connection space for families. And a new community gathering space will comfortably host lower school events, performances, and seasonal celebrations.


Jeff d’Entremont, Head of Lower School, teacher in the LS since 1997

“My dream for the lower school is that we create a place where children feel at home and love to be. We want to create a physical space that encourages our students to ask questions, be curious, and make discoveries.

I am excited about the possibility of open and interconnected areas for children to explore as they play to learn and learn to play.

When I think about expert thinking in the lower school, I love what we’re already doing, but to move forward it’s essential to bring science, art, and library back into the lower school building. Having our special-subject teachers in the same building as our classroom teams creates many more opportunities for collaboration and puts our experts on-site.

Some of the most meaningful times in lower school are when our community gathers together for special events such as holiday sings or classroom celebrations. A space that could accommodate everyone would enhance the feeling of community that we so value in the lower school.

The 21st-century thinking that MB is bringing into elementary education is helping to guide us as we ask ‘How can our physical space further our commitment to hands-on, collaborative, and interdisciplinary learning?’”


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