Chez Innovation campers learn about running a successful poultry farm

By Chase H., camper

The Innovators and I went to Baffoni’s Poultry Farm, where we received an insightful tour from Mr. Baffoni himself, who was very exemplary of the hard work and preparation that goes into owning and maintaining a successful business. For instance, as we explored what it is like to work with living animals in the food industry first hand (we were allowed to see and hold some of the young turkeys!), we began to realize that every little nuance affects the well-being of both the living animals and the final clean, fresh, healthy product that is sold to local people and companies. We learned that with such strict government regulations, it is essential for the Poultry Farm to adjust their system all the time and to be open to new ideas and improvements in order to continue to put out the best product possible, and maintain a certain level of success. Additionally, we learned that entrepreneurship can often be both stressful and rewarding—as a business person you have to put a lot of money in before you can even see your results, and get a hold of that net profit that your business might seek to obtain over time. From what Mr. Baffoni told us, you might go through ups and downs, but it is crucial to be determined, to stick with it, to focus on improvement, and to embrace new ideas and new means of making your business more successful.

Chez Innovation is an overnight business-school-boot-camp focused on the food industry.


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