The Sailing & Marine Education Center will provide a waterfront classroom for marine and maritime education, a home for the school’s championship sailing team, and consistent support for the MB TRIPs initiative.

With anchorage for Friendship (a 36’ Union Cutter sailboat donated to the school by Dean Woodman ’46) and a classroom suitable for biology, environmental science, and maritime history, art, and literature, this satellite facility will expand opportunities for transformational travel and exploration on Narragansett Bay.

Reflection by Henry Todesco-Perkins ’15


Henry Todesco-Perkins ’15, first mate on the Friendship, four-year sailing team member

“For two years I participated in the summer camp program on the S/V Friendship, Moses Brown’s 36’ Union Cutter. With Captain Casey Charkowick, I spent many hours maintaining the ship and helping to run the program. It was a great experience for me, and I think MB should have a long-term program – even expand its fleet.

This experience is unique and contributes to all students’ knowledge of the Bay. Kids from MB and other schools who sailed on the Friendship appreciated being able to learn about the Bay up close. It was a unique experience – one you could only find at MB.

As a marine biology student, I support any marine education program. It’s critical to understand the Bay, both historically and in its present condition, and to understand the ocean and ecology that makes up so much of our state. Narragansett Bay is a very important part of Rhode Island and has so much to do with the founding and history of MB itself. Students need to understand what the Bay provides.

MB’s sailing team helped me appreciate the Bay, and taking MB’s Marine Biology elective and working on the Friendship taught me so much, beyond science and sailing to life lessons about how to lead and when to follow. All of that put me on a path to Maine Maritime Academy and a life on the water.”


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