The Path, a poem

As part of middle school’s preparation for Sarah Kay’s event here today, seventh graders have been writing poetry. In class, they read poetry like Langston Hughes’ “Mother to Son” and various Sarah Kay poems. Seventh graders also wrote their own poems with metaphors. We’re pleased to share one here. “I thought it was especially cool because it was so clearly inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem AND because this week celebrated National Black Poetry Day,” says teacher Maureen Nagle. Kind of a cool coincidence!

The Path

By Ben d’E.

Life for me ain’t been no walk in the park
The sun hasn’t always been there
shining through the trees
The leaves above rustling
With a cool autumn breeze


There’s been bumps in the road
And obstacles to surpass
And the goal is always the same
To keep on moving past

They’ve been people there to hurt you
To stop you from getting on your way
But know matter how hard they try
You have to keep going with your day

There may be places where you think you’re through
But you have really just begun
When fighting for equal rights
Some people never quite think you’re done

Sometimes you must walk in the dark
Where no light can be seen
But you use the light within
to see what can’t be seen

Keep working hard to reach your goals
And don’t you ever stop
Cause when you reach the end my friend
you’ll be at the top
But life for me ain’t been no walk in the park.

By Ben d’E.


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