Support Universal Promise

Lydia B. ’17 is raising funds to renovate a medical clinic and school in Nomanthamsanqa, Addo, South Africa, through Universal Promise (UP). Lydia traveled with UP to South Africa last summer, supported by a Class of ’48 Award.


“This summer I had the rewarding opportunity to work with an organization called Universal Promise (“UP”) in its mission of improving the lives of children and families in the township of Nomanthamsanqa in Addo, South Africa. UP works with local schools to improve the quality of education of local children by renovating and improving classrooms, creating computer labs, setting up scholarships for young students, sponsoring school sports teams, and  providing clean and healthy drinking water systems – all things that it are easy for us to take for granted but that were previously absent in this community, which was ravaged by decades of the effects of apartheid. UP also sponsors a women’s empowerment initiative that provides health care counseling and encourages financial literacy and independence. 

 I worked with the wonderful children in the schools and also had the richly rewarding experience of interviewing the residents of a Town called Moli for a video that I am making about the story of its people, who were “temporarily” displaced from their homes almost twenty years ago to make space for citrus farms and relocated to what had been a garbage dump skirting a cemetery. Unfortunately, they never received the permanent housing promised to them by the government. These people are wonderful, warm and grateful, and they need your help.

 I would be deeply grateful if you would consider making a contribution, in any amount, to this important cause. Your donation will go directly to help these people and can make a great difference in the lives of the children and families of Nomanthamsanqua. We have a fundraising goal of $15,000. Thank you very much for your help.” -Lydia


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