Spanish students find a delicious way to immerse themselves in language

Three upper school Spanish classes recently visited the Viva Mexico restaurant in orderingdowntown Providence for a culinary experience, ordering all of their food in Spanish. Before their excursion, they performed restaurant skits in class to practice ordering. (see video below)

“Students learn best when they are presented with authentic and creative scenarios. At Viva Mexico it inspired me to see all students so committed to ordering their food in Spanish and enjoying their culinary experience,” says teacher Elena Peterson. “No book can bring that to you and the community around us is so rich in culture we need to tap into it!”

What did the students think of the experience?eating

“I had a lot of fun! The food was really good! We got to apply our Spanish skills to real life situations.”

“The skits and field trip were very helpful because the best way to learn a language his practice. Speaking in real life situations really supports my understanding of the language.”

“I think the field trip to Viva Mexico enriched our experience in the classroom because it showed a real world application of Spanish and how we can use it in our own life”.

“It gave me a ‘taste’ of real life experience of a day of being in a Spanish place. It was very fun!”